Neck Hero Neck Support Pillow - your solution for neck pain relief!

Say goodbye to those hard-as-a-rock memory foam or expensive specialty pillows, and hello to Neck Hero - your best choice for all night neck support! When it comes to relieving neck pain, we know that one size does NOT fit all. So, at Neck Hero, we creative 3 levels of firmness to give you the support you need and the rest you deserve.

Standard bed pillows are designed to lift your head but NOT to support your neck. This is why many people find themselves scrunching up their pillow multiple times at night or rolling the bottom of it into place to try and get the support they desperately need. This might work for a few minutes, but when you turn over or switch positions, the pillow goes flat again leaving you frustrated and with a sore neck in the morning. The solution to your neck pain? Neck Hero neck support pillow!

No matter what your sleeping position - back or side - everyone needs proper neck support. Our patented design allows you to clip your Neck Hero directly to your favorite bed pillow and give you the neck support you are missing. Neck Hero can be used alone for maximum support of the curvature of your neck; while sitting on a couch or recliner as neck or lumbar support; and as a travel pillow in the car or plane or with those awful hotel pillows. Neck Hero even works great in chairs for lumbar support! So no matter where you are when you need support or what position you like to sleep in, Neck Hero will give you the support you need.

Unlike other neck rolls made from gel or memory foam, Neck Hero is made from 100% machine washable polyfiber that gives you the softness of a pillow but the concentrated support in the size and density you need.

Neck Hero gives you the ONLY part of the pillow that matters! Order yours today and wake up feeling refreshed and neck pain free!

Other advantages of Neck Hero

  • Clips in place for constant support with 2 clips.
  • Made of high quality hypoallergenic poly-fiber filling so it doesn’t go flat.
  • Standard pillow length makes it easy to travel with. Fits conveniently in a standard size carry-on.Take it with you as a travel pillow in a car, plane or train then use it with any hotel or guest room pillow when you arrive.
  • Use it for instant lumbar support in any chair, vehicle seat, couch, or elevated adjustable mattress.
  • Use Neck Hero as a bolster under your legs while elevated or lying flat.
  • Can be clipped to a pillow or used alone.
  • Machine Washable. Pillow Size is 7in X 25in - neck support pillow and case included.

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