Neck support pillow neck roll for neck pain relief.

Why Neck Hero?

Do you find yourself scrunching up your pillow multiple times at night or rolling the bottom of it into place to try and get the support you desperately need? When you turn over or switch positions, does the pillow goes flat again leaving you frustrated and with a sore neck in the morning? Standard bed pillows are designed to lift your head but NOT to support your neck. The solution to your neck pain?
Neck Hero Neck Support Pillow!
No matter what your sleeping position – back, side or even stomach – EVERYONE needs proper neck support. Our patented design allows you to clip your Neck Hero directly to your favorite bed pillow and give you the neck support you are missing. Neck Hero can also be used alone for maximum support of the curvature of your neck. Use it while sitting on a couch or recliner or as a travel pillow in the car, plane, and hotel. Neck Hero even works great for lumbar support! So no matter where you are when you need support, or what position you like to sleep in, Neck Hero will give you the support you need.


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Order yours today and wake up feeling refreshed and neck pain-free!

Neck Hero neck pillow comes in 3 levels of firmness support based on the amount of filling in ounces in each pillow. All pillows are 25 inches long by 7 inches in diameter.
*Each Neck Hero includes a patented Neck Hero pillow and pillowcase and free zippered travel bag.
US Patent No. D737,598

***Most customers find that the Medium or Soft is the most comfortable for neck support, however these suggestions are just a guide and not a guarantee of your individual comfot needs..***

  • SOFT 7.5oz -If you prefer a softer/or flatter style head pillow choose the Soft Neck Hero.
  • MEDIUM 10oz- If you prefer a firmer/fluffier head pillow, choose the medium.
  • FIRM 12oz- Do not choose the firm unless you prefer a very firm/hard pillow.
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