How to use Neck Hero

Tired of having to scrunch up your primary pillow multiple times each night just to have it lose shape and interrupt your sleep? Our patented clip design gives you the ability to keep the support where you want it all night!

It’s no secret that neck support and proper spinal alignment are vital for a good night’s rest. What sets Neck Hero apart from all other pillows is its unique patented design of using CLIPS to hold the support exactly where you place it.  This design allows you to decide exactly where you need the support each night based on how your body is feeling.  Some nights you want to sleep on your side, other nights on your back. Neck Hero allows you to do both with the same pillow simply by moving the support where you need it most.  Its size and design also make this your number one choice for a travel pillow because you simply CLIP it to whatever pillow you are given at your destination (or you can even use Neck Hero alone and clip it directly to the mattress). The possibilities are endless!

The chart below is in no way a comprehensive list of the possible positions you can clip your Neck Hero. We have provided the chart to serve only as a guide as you will want to find the perfect position for YOU by trying your Neck Hero in several different positions before clipping it in place.  The position configurations are endless so that you have complete control over where you want to keep the support each night.

Possible configurations – Clip Neck Hero: (see diagram at bottom of page)

  • In front of your pillow for optimal comfort for side or back sleepers.
  • On top of your pillow for maximum neck support and shoulder pain relief. 
  • In a cradle position for neck support and ear pain/numbness relief.
  • Diagonally for side sleepers or for ear pain relief.


Suggested Positions