How Much Neck Support Do I Need?


***Most customers find that the Medium or Soft is the most comfortable for neck support. Please read below to help determine your best fit!

The Neck Hero firmness you choose is more closely determined by the thickness of the pillow you currently use. You only want to support the neck with enough firmness to comfortably fill the space between your neck and pillow/bed but not so much as to push your head forward and strain your neck and back.

Basic Guide: Choose the size that best describes you -

  • Most women prefer our Soft Neck Hero
    (if you like a firm feeling pillow choose a Medium)
  • Most men prefer the Medium Neck Hero
    (if you like a flat pillow choose a Soft
  • ONLY choose Firm if you prefer a very firm pillow.
Still not sure?
To use the Neck Hero as designed by clipping it to your existing pillow please consider the following scenarios: 
- If your primary pillow is very flat and you are of smaller stature, you probably only need a Soft Neck Hero to give you enough support. 

- If your primary pillow is flat but you are having neck and shoulder pain (side sleepers), you may want to try a Medium Neck Hero. If you are of medium/larger stature and this causes your neck to overextend then you may also need to increase the firmness of your primary pillow so that your spine aligns correctly. 

- If your primary pillow is the fluffier or denser type then you will want to start with a Soft Neck Hero since you are only missing the support for your neck. If you add a large neck support on top of a firmer pillow, you can cause your neck to overextend and strain even more. 

When using your Neck Hero by itself, we primarily consider stature - small/medium stature typically prefer a soft and medium/larger stature prefer a medium. 
Very few people prefer the Firm in any case but we do offer it for those who have this need.

Please see return policy***

All pillows are 25 inches long by 4 to 5 inches in diameter. Each Neck Hero includes a patented Neck Hero pillow and pillowcase and free zippered travel bag.