Thank you for your interest in Neck Hero! Neck Hero is a unique neck support pillow that can be used virtually anywhere. What sets Neck Hero apart from all other pillows is its patented design of using CLIPS to hold the neck support exactly where you place it. Along with its versatility of use, its size and design also make this your number one choice for a travel pillow. There is no other pillow on the market that competes with it! If you are looking for something different that will boost your sales, let me encourage you to carry Neck Hero on your shelves!
Neck Hero displays a high quality look that appeals well to the consumer. Our informative and clearly marked packaging includes a convenient sizing chart for customers to choose from Soft, Medium or Firm densities of comfort and support. Wholesalers include gift shops, truck and travel stop, chiropractic offices, hospitals for patient use, massage therapists and retailers of all kinds.

The price per wholesale case of 12 pillows is:
1 case = $162.00 ($13.50 per pillow) plus shipping
2 cases = $150.00 per case ($12.50 per pillow) plus shipping
3 cases = $138.00 per case ($11.50 per pillow) plus shipping
4 or more cases = $126.00 per case ($10.50 per pillow) plus shipping
Cases available in single sizes (i.e. 12 Soft, 12 Medium, 12 Firm) as well as mixed pillow cases that include 4 Soft, 5 Medium and 3 Firm Neck Hero pillows per case.
Your suggested retail price is $25.95 to $34.95 per pillow.

Each case weighs approximately 13 pounds and we ship via USPS. For your convenience, we can also ship using your FedEx or UPS
account number if you have deeper discounts with them.
For more information please contact me at gerald@neckhero.com or 970-417-9766.

We look forward to partnering with you soon!