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DIY Cervical Roll for Neck Support While Sleeping

By  Brett Sears, PT  | Reviewed by  Richard N. Fogoros, MD
Neck pain; DIY neck roll

A cervical pillow can be used to help support your neck while you sleep. If you have neck pain, you can make your own cervical roll. can get a Neck Hero!

Neck pain can be a scary experience that can limit your ability to work, drive, or sleep normally. If you develop neck pain, a visit to your physical therapist may be in order to help you manage your symptoms. Sometimes treatments and modalities like cervical traction may be necessary to help get pressure off of your cervical nerves.

If you have neck pain, it is important that you take steps to self-manage your condition. These steps may include performing specific exercises for your neck and learning how to sit with proper posture.

While sitting with proper posture is important, sleeping with your neck in the proper position is equally important. Using the right pillow with the right support can help keep your neck in proper alignment and can help you quickly decrease or eliminate your neck pain and get you back to your normal activities.

best neck support pillow for side sleepers

Supporting Your Neck While Sleeping

Your neck is comprised of 7 bones called vertebrae, and these bones normally form a slight forward curve called a lordosis. Maintaining that forward curve in your neck is important while you treat your neck pain. It can help take pressure off spinal discs and nerves.