How do I choose a size? EveryBODY is different and everyone's neck support needs or feeling of "comfort" is unique, so we can't possibly predict exactly what each individual customer will like. We can only attempt to guide you based on other customer's feedback. The purpose of neck support is to only fill the amount of space in the curvature of your neck. That is why Neck Hero neck pillow is available in 3 levels of support (based on the amount of filling in each pillow.)

***Based on thousands of sales and reviews - Most customers find that the Soft or Medium is the most comfortable for neck support and have described their preference according to the suggested guide below*** 


Basic Guide: Choose the size that best describes you 

  • Most small to medium body frames prefer our most popular size Soft Neck Hero (if you like a firm feeling pillow choose a Medium)
  • Most larger body frames prefer the Medium Neck Hero (if you like a flat pillow choose a Soft)
  • ONLY choose Firm if you prefer a very firm pillow.

When in doubt - choose Soft

Still unsure?

The firmness you choose is more closely based upon the thickness of the pillow you currently use. You only want to support the neck with enough firmness to comfortably fill the space between your neck and pillow/bed but not so much as to push your head forward and strain your neck and back.

To use the Neck Hero as designed by clipping it to your existing pillow please consider the following scenarios: 
- If your primary pillow is very flat and you are of smaller stature, you probably only need a Soft Neck Hero to give you enough support. 

- If your primary pillow is flat but you are having neck and shoulder pain (side sleepers), you may want to try a Medium Neck Hero. If you are of medium/larger stature and this causes your neck to overextend then you may also need to increase the firmness of your primary pillow so that your spine aligns correctly. 

- If your primary pillow is the fluffier or denser type then you will want to start with a Soft Neck Hero since you are only missing the support for your neck. If you add a large neck support on top of a firmer pillow, you can cause your neck to overextend and strain even more. 

When using your Neck Hero by itself, we primarily consider stature - small/medium stature typically prefer a soft and medium/larger stature prefer a medium. 
Very few people prefer the Firm in any case but we do offer it for those who have this need.
If you purchase a pillow that seems too soft, try placing it up higher on your bed pillow, this will give you more lift to your shoulders and neck.


Do we sell Neck Hero on Amazon? Yes. The listing you see on Amazon for Neck Hero comes directly from us. However - we would really appreciate it if you would purchase directly through this website due to the high costs associated with selling on Amazon. All coupon codes and promotions are offered exclusively through this website and not available on Amazon.com. By shopping through our website, not only are you getting the Neck Hero at the lowest price, you are supporting small business and Made In The USA products!

Why should I buy a Neck Hero? Because everyone needs neck support! It’s no secret that neck support and proper spinal alignment are vital for a good night’s rest. What sets Neck Hero apart from all other pillows is its unique patented design of using CLIPS to attach the neck support to your regular bed pillow, exactly where you need it. This design allows you to decide precisely where you need the support each night based on how your body is feeling. Some nights you want to sleep on your side, other nights on your back. Neck Hero allows you to do both with the same pillow simply by moving the support where you need it most. Its size and design also make this your number one choice for a travel pillow! It comes with a free travel bag so you don't have to worry about it getting dirty as you travel through airports or when it falls to the floor of your car. Use it during your journey and simply CLIP it to whatever pillow you are given at your destination. You can even use Neck Hero alone and clip it directly to the mattress. The possibilities are endless!

Can I change or cancel my order? Orders are processed during business hours, Monday – Friday, from 8AM – 3PM CST. Most orders processed before 3pm CST are shipped the same day or are processed within 24 hours of receipt  (excluding weekends and federal holidays). Delivery times are calculated from the time the order leaves our warehouse, not from the time of placing the order.

All purchases are subject to bank authorization prior to processing. Only authorized purchases will be processed and shipped.

If ordered before 3pm CST, most orders will ship the same day. Therefore once an order is processed, the order cannot be changed or canceled. Please double check the selected size before submitting your order. If it is within 24 hours, you may contact us at orders@neckhero.com to determine whether or not there is time to make changes.
If your shipment is refused upon delivery, and returned to us, a refund will be credited minus the initial shipping and handling fees, and return shipping fees.

How long will it take to adjust to my Neck Hero? Most people fall in love with the continuous support their Neck Hero provides and experience immediate answers to restless sleep. The unique patented design allows you to clip your Neck Hero in multiple positions on your pillow, or use it by itself, allowing you to choose where to add support based on how your body is feeling that night. Since neck support isn't provided in a regular pillow, many people don't even know what it is supposed to feel like, so be sure to move the Neck Hero around until you find the perfect position and give your body ample time to adjust.

Tip: even moving your Neck Hero up or down just slightly can make a huge difference in comfort!

How do I care for my pillow and pillowcase? Both the Neck Hero pillow and the pillowcase with patented clip design are machine washable. Wash and tumble dry pillowcase inside out and place it inside a delicates laundry bag to prevent damage to the clips. As an extra precaution, we recommend detaching your clips by squeezing the sides together to release the clip and reattach them after laundering the case inside out.

Finding the perfect pillow is a tough task! With so many brands, fillings and sizes out there, you can spend hundreds of dollars and still not be happy with your choice. We created Neck Hero because we believe that everyone needs neck support and they deserve it a reasonable price. 

Return Policy:

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