• best pillow for neck pain

    Your Solution for All-night Neck Support

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  • Designed To For Neck Pain Relief

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  • Support That Attaches Directly To Your Pillow

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Your Solution for All-night Neck Support

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Designed To For Neck Pain Relief

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Support That Attaches Directly To Your Pillow

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Why Choose Neck Hero?

No matter what your sleeping position – back, side or even stomach – EVERYONE needs proper neck support. Standard bed pillows are designed to lift your head but NOT to support your neck. Neck Hero's patented design is the best pillow for neck support because it attaches directly to your favorite bed pillow to give you the constant neck support you need, all night long!

Neck Hero can also be used alone for stomach-sleepers or for maximum support of the curvature of your neck. Use it while sitting on a couch or recliner or as a travel pillow in the car, plane, and hotel. Neck Hero even works great for lumbar support! So no matter where you are when you need support, or what position you like to sleep in, Neck Hero will give you the neck support you need.

Best Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain
Best Pillow for Neck Pain - Neck Hero
Best Pillow for Neck Pain
Best Travel Pillow - includes a free travel bag
Best Pillow for Shoulder Support
Best Pillow for Neck Pain
Best Pillow for Neck Strain
Best Pillow for Ear Numbness
Best Pillow for Neck Pain
Neck Support Pillow

Best Pillow for Neck Pain - Neck Hero

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Stop Sleeping & Start RESTING in 3 Easy Steps!

1 - Pick Your Level of Support

Neck Hero neck pillow comes in 3 levels of firmness support: SOFT, MEDIUM & FIRM (How Much Support Do I Need?)
Each Neck Hero includes a patented Neck Hero pillow and pillowcase and free zippered travel bag.

2 - Position Your Neck Hero Where You Need The Support

Moving your Neck Hero even slightly up or down can make a huge difference in comfort. Try it in several positions until you find that sweet spot.

3 - Clip Neck Hero In Place For All-Night Neck Support

When you find your perfect spot, clip Neck Hero to your pillow and it will stay in place all night long! You'll wake up feeling refreshed and get the rest you deserve. (Neck Hero can be used alone for maximum curvature of the neck)

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Customer Reviews

I could sleep comfortably and with no neck pain

I had to sleep in my recliner for a few nights and this saved my life. I could sleep comfortably and with no neck pain.

Jean T.

5 Star Reviews

"I have two herniated discs in my neck, and have tried numerous pillows. They are either too hard or too thick.. This is the first pillow I’ve found that is really comfortable yet supportive. I will be ordering another one. Thank you..I love it!"

Daniel G.

5 Star Reviews

"I sleep on the couch all the time. This little pillow has relieved my neck pain. I got the medium firmness and it fits perfectly under my neck. Got my better half one and he likes his too."

Elizabeth O.

5 Star Reviews

"Really helped with my short neck and hunched back. I pair it up with a soft pillow and it works great."

Sylvia F.

5 Star Reviews

"In a very short period of time, I'm now the owner if 3 firm Neck Heroes, which, when used with a smaller head pillow all on top of a standard-sized pillow, is the best support I've had in years for my upper back and neck while sleeping. Prompt, stress-free delivery made me come back for more. Completely satisfied with product and service."

Dana B.

5 Star Reviews

"This was for my wife who's going thru chiropractic therapy, this is perfect for her and she loves it. She got the small due to the fact she is petite. I'm thinking of getting the medium for myself."

Hector M.

5 Star Reviews

I’m a back sleeper and have problems with my back if use redular pillows. I was looking for a narrow, small pillow that wouldn’t over extend my neck. I used a lot of specialized pillows but nothing worked. I gave up and used a regular rolled towel for neck support. This product is excellent! It was exactly what I needed. It’s soft and since I start using it I wake up rested.

Natalia J

very supportive

it is a very supportive pillow. I would definitely recommend if you have neck issues.

Valerie G

Supports the curve of your neck, in my case eliminating years of neck pain

I am in my early fifties, and have had constant neck pain since my teens. I would wake up with my neck and shoulders hard as a rock and sometimes spamming. I have bought just about every kind of pillow, soft, firm, memory foam, buckwheat, etc. This pillow attached to my memory foam pillow in a fiberfill pillow, has eliminated my neck pain. I’ve been using it for probably five months now and can not believe what a difference this small pillow has made. I guess I just needed support in the curve of my neck. I went back and bought multiple of them. My husband uses just this pillow alone. I have extras just in case I am unable to get them anymore. I can’t recommend this pillow highly enough,


Great product

I wasn’t quite sure how this pillow was going to work out but it’s helped me with my neck support when sleeping at night. It also works great as a lumbar back support in the car


5 Star Reviews

This product has helped my neck with better support for my neck. I love it.

Dina C.

5 Star Reviews

I have a lot of neck problems. I have purchased so many pillows trying to find one that would help me sleep. This has been the best so far! 

Denise A

5 Star Reviews

Love this pillow and sleep,with it every single night and travel with it also.

Carrie B

5 Star Reviews

I have tried several cervical type pillows, including ones costing over $30. This is the best one I've tried so far. It's like putting a rolled up towel under your neck, but much softer and because it's clipped to another pillow, it doesn't go anywhere. Easy to remove and wash. I've even taken it with me on vacation.

Amy B

Have had back surgeries: this is the best pillow ever

I am a woman of medium-build and 5'2". I purchased the soft and the medium. The SOFT is perfect for me. Before getting this, when I got a backache, the best I could do was comfort my neck with a rolled up blanket, rolled actually to the same thickness of Neck Hero. It really helped was always a little too dense and the wool uncomfortable against my face. THIS PILLOW has a dreamy-soft cover, and caresses my neck perfectly. It's easy to turn your head and snuggle up against it. It really is amazingly therapeutic for me. I am ordering more for family members. A real find. Thank you Neck Hero! ;-)


Excellent Neck Support!

The Neck Hero Support Pillow really does support my neck! I am sleeping so much better with this pillow than the soft pillow I was using to support my neck. I highly recommend this pillow for neck support while you sleep!

Althea P.