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Finding the perfect neck pillow is a tough task! With so many brands, fillings, and sizes out there, you can spend hundreds of dollars and still not be happy with your choice. We created Neck Hero neck pillow because we believe that everyone deserves neck support and you shouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg to get it!
Give your pillow an upgrade today with Neck Hero! Standard shaped bed pillows are only designed to support your head and NOT your neck. Experts agree that it is best to use a pillow that keeps your cervical spine in neutral alignment—meaning, the natural curve of your neck is supported and maintained.  Neck Hero's patented neck pillow design does just that!  

Getting neck pain relief is largely determined by the cause of your neck problem as well as your sleep preferences. For example:

  • Neck pain can decrease when you lie on your back with your head supported by a relatively flat pillow. Neck Hero simply attaches to the main pillow and gives your neck constant support your pillow is missing.
best neck support pillow
  • The majority of people find that support with a pillow when side-lying is more comfortable. Attach Neck Hero higher up on your main pillow to support your  neck and shoulders.

side sleeper neck pillow
  • Do you prefer sitting in a recliner, or in an adjustable bed with the upper part of the body at an incline? In this position, simply place Neck Hero behind the base of your neck.

neck support pillow

    If you're like most people, you change your sleep position during the night. Neck Hero works for each of your sleep positions!

    How Much Support Do I Need?

    Basic Guide: Choose the size that best describes you -

    • Most women prefer our Soft Neck Hero 
      (if you like a firm feeling pillow choose a Medium)
    • Most men prefer the Medium Neck Hero 
      (if you like a flat pillow choose a Soft)
    • ONLY choose Firm if you prefer a very firm pillow.

    Still unsure? Read more detail below or check out our 2-For-1 Bundle!

    ***Most customers find that the Soft or Medium is the most comfortable for neck support. Please read below to help determine your best fit!

    The firmness you choose is more closely based upon the thickness of the pillow you currently use. (although sometimes that is the start of your neck pain) You only want to support the neck with enough firmness to comfortably fill the space between your neck and pillow/bed but not so much as to push your head forward and strain your neck and back.

    To use the Neck Hero as designed by clipping it to your existing pillow please consider the following scenarios: 

    - If your primary pillow is very flat and you are of smaller stature, you probably only need a Soft Neck Hero to give you enough support. 

    - If your primary pillow is flat but you are having neck and shoulder pain (side sleepers), you may want to try a Medium Neck Hero. If you are of medium/larger stature and this causes your neck to overextend then you may also need to increase the firmness of your primary pillow so that your spine aligns correctly. 

    - If your primary pillow is the fluffier or denser type then you will want to start with a Soft Neck Hero since you are only missing the support for your neck. If you add a large neck support on top of a firmer pillow, you can cause your neck to overextend and strain even more. 

    When using your Neck Hero by itself, we primarily consider stature - small/medium stature typically prefer a soft and medium/larger stature prefer a medium. 
    Very few people prefer the Firm in any case but we do offer it for those who have this need.
    1 - Pick Your Level of Support

    Neck Hero neck pillow comes in 3 levels of firmness support: SOFT, MEDIUM & FIRM (How Much Support Do I Need?)
    Each Neck Hero includes a patented Neck Hero pillow and pillowcase and free zippered travel bag.

     2 - Position Your Neck Hero Where You Need The Support

    Moving your Neck Hero even slightly up or down can make a huge difference in comfort. Try it in several positions until you find that sweet spot.

    3 - Clip Neck Hero In Place For All-Night Neck Support

    When you find your perfect spot, attach Neck Hero to your pillow with the clips and it will stay in place all night long! You'll wake up feeling refreshed and get the rest you deserve. (Neck Hero can also be used alone for maximum curvature of the neck)

    ***Neck Hero neck pillow comes in 3 levels of firmness support based on the amount of filling in ounces in each pillow. All pillows are 25 inches long by 4 to 5 inches in diameter. Each Neck Hero includes a patented Neck Hero pillow and pillowcase and free zippered travel bag*** 

    (please note - clips shown in this video have been updated to a plastic clip)

    Please see return policy***